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Home Business: Start a Home-Based Business & Work from Home with uVme

A New Concept in Home Based Business; Position Yourself in Front of The Three Fastest-Growing Business Trends in History and Be Part of This Future Vision in Entertainment, Fun, Enjoyment and Social Interaction. This Will Revolutionize The Casual Skill Gaming and Online Social Networking Industries!

Welcome to this very special window in time with

You are now one of the pioneers to have been given the insider advantage to the official pre-launch of uVme.

It was W.C. Fields who once said, "All I ask is for an unfair advantage."

Some would say that is exactly what you have been given; we say you have "The First Mover Advantage"

Now you've taken that all-important first step, you are in the unique and privileged position of being amongst a group of pioneering entrepreneurs who are seeing this information first. Historically this is a time to position yourself and build immense momentum: which is then carried through the pre-launch phase, to ultimately launch with an established business on which you can capitalise. You now have access to the privileged information and expertise that will open the door to a new way of making money online and that will set you amongst the insider elite.

Market overview
A market growing to a worth of $412 every second
What is driving this trend?
It is happening now. Globally
Blogs & the web 2.0 trend
A new tool that makes making money fun
What you get out of uVme?
An exciting and attractive business to be involved in
Full support, marketing & development
So what do I do now?
The uVme jewels Pay plan

Market Overview
We will be the first company ever to launch a business that encapsulates three of the most exciting phenomena on the Internet: Online Games Entertainment, Social Networking using Web 2.0, and a new way of network marketing, which has been described as "Social Marketing / Network Marketing 2.0.

Phenomenon 1:
Online Games Entertainment

The online games and entertainment industry, although already a large and growing market, is extra special right now because of the timing.
Timing is critical in business, and this market has been identified as the next evolutionary step in. online entertainment.
The demand is in place to allow people's increasing leisure time to be spent in "cyberspace": broadband is reaching more and more homes.
Even in less-developed countries where PC ownership is quite small, Internet cafes are commonplace, heavily frequented and affordable to their customers in many cases open around the clock.
So seeking out online entertainment is no longer an exclusively Western pastime.
Internet Technology now reaches even the most remote villages of the world, and non-Western, populous countries such as India have a burgeoning middleclass with even more disposable income. To illustrate the appeal of this industry; Internet caf├ęs derive 30-40% of their revenue from people playing games online.

Online games are also having an impact on people's productivity at work.
A World Winner survey (May 2007) showed that 76% of those who play
Intermittently at work achieve improved job performance. The findings examined whether playing casual online games at work enhanced employee creativity, energy and overall productivity. Of the respondents, 80% who played online games during the workday felt better focused as a result of' this periodic mental break. What's more an amazing 72% relied on game breaks to reduce job related stress.

Phenomenon 2:
Social Networking
Next, there is the online Social Networking craze. Most people probably had not heard of web sites such as "Facebook" or "MySpace" - which has 176 million users - until quite recently, but such sites are becoming incredibly widespread. Founded just three years ago by a university student, Facebook is now the 18th most visited web site in the world.
The average Westerner has more friends than two years ago, and the rise is attributed to the explosion in Social Networking sites and communication phenomena such as email and instant messaging. And what's more exciting: you can be a part of it!

But it gets EVEN BETTER! These sites are communities where people can interact and share their loves, their hates, their common interests and whatever is on their minds.
Social Networking has been called "The reality TV of the Internet". Jon Gibs, Senior Director of Media at Nielsen / NetRatings, said, " networking is not a fad that will disappear. If anything, it will become more ingrained in mainstream sites; just as reality TV programming has become ubiquitous in network TV programming."
The Nielsen / NetRatings report (May 2006) stated that Social Networking sites grow 47%, year over year, reaching 45% of web users. And the figures speak for themselves. The total number of searches for the top 10 methods of Social Networking has increased by 279% over the past 12 months, and the search queries for MySpace have risen by 1,347%. The market share of Internet visits to the top 20 Social Networking sites increased by 11.5% between January and February 2007 alone, with year-on-year category traffic up 87%. (Source: Hitwise, March 14, 2007.)

Millions of people daily are having fun with Social Networking: it is real, massive and will continue to grow.

Phenomenon 3:
"Social Marketing/Network Marketing 2.0"

Because having fun playing games and Social Networking are such popular activities, with millions of people taking part daily, we have developed a way for you to create an income purely from challenging friends and contacts to games, coupled with Social Networking and its word-of-mouth effect. We've done this using a familiar tool, but in a way that you have never seen before ... and we call it "Social Marketing / Network Marketing 2.0.
What is this tool? Well, instant messengers (IMs) such as Windows Live Messenger, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger are now commonplace. More than half the UK population regularly use Windows Live Messenger to stay in touch with friends ... and instant messaging is set to be the fastest-growing communication medium in history - growing in popularity twice as fast as email did. Windows Live Messenger: 155 million total users
AIM: over 100 million total users Jabber: 90 million users Yahoo! Messenger: 22 million users. We have taken this familiar tool to a new level. By marrying it to our uVme skill-games platform and turning it into a cash-generating machine, we have given you and people in your business the ability to instantly challenge an opponent anywhere in the world to a game ... uVme.. Even better, at the click of a mouse your players can add their friends and contacts from Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo! Messenger; and challenge them to a game, start having fun and instantly make money for you and your uVme business Associates!
You will also be able to give live assistance to visitors to your site. As soon as a visitor lands on your web page, you are alerted through the instant messenger. You have the ability to chat with them, challenge them to a game and share with them the benefits of uVme.

Phenomenon 1 : Online Games Entertainment
The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace in the history of the world, but there is an online sector that is growing four times faster than the lnternet overall.. .the "Online Skill Games" market.

Just stop right there. Imagine that for a second ... a business that is growing four times faster than the Internet! To give you an idea of what that means and to really put it into context, recent figures from analyst firm DFC intelligence said that the worldwide online games market is forecasted to grow from $3.4 billion USD in 2005 to over $13 billion USD in 2011. The market today (2007) is worth approximately $5.2 billion USD - that equates to a worth of $ 164 USD per second, and in the next 156 weeks is expected to grow to $41 2 USD per second - of every minute of every day, and growing. Which means that if this report took you just 15 minutes to read, in that time over $147,600 USD has been spent online playing games; or the equivalent of $14,169,600 USD will be spent today alone and the market is growing at an exponential rate.

These sorts of numbers can't be ignored.
What is a "skill-based game"? IGDA (International Game Developers Association) reports, "A 'skill-based game' is a web game played in a tournament format, with each player paying a cash entry fee to play, and with a cash or merchandise prize going to the winner or winners of the tournament. Skill-based games are named accordingly because the outcome of each competition is based on the players' ability and performance, with any elements of luck either eliminated or greatly reduced. This is critical, in order to be legal and avoid falling under anti-gambling statutes."

Alex Burmaster, European lnternet Analyst, Nielsen/NetRatings (a global leader in Internet media and market research) said, "Take the fact that the online games sector is growing at four times the rate of overall lnternet growth together with the increasing numbers ... online and it is easy to see why companies such as MTV Networks are looking to get a piece of the action."

It IS being driven by the Increase In broadband into homes which allow people to play these games, coupled with an increasing acceptance of playing games online. This IS driving the high demand. U.S. BROADBAND REACHES 72% AT HOME. NEW YORK - June 21, 2006 – Nielsen/NetRatings announced that nearly three-quarters of active U.S. web users connected at home via broadband in May 2006 growing 15 percentage points over the previous year, when just 57 percent of active U.S. web users relied on broadband connections at home. Research also indicates that broadband users are more likely to make better use of Internet functionalities and newer technologies such as RSS feeds and blogging,
North America is expected to challenge current market leader Asia as the new leader for online game play; and in Europe, casual online games are already benefiting from this thirst to play and be entertained online. In June 2006 7.6 million British people (28% of the UK online population) visited the online games sector with the average visitor playing games online for an hour and a half at a time. The online games sector has been identified as the next step in the evolution of online entertainment and people of all ages, from all over the world, play in their millions. There are currently game networks with hundreds of thousands of players playing games at any one time. IGDA's Casual Games SIG/Whitepaper/Market Overview reported that while the typical core gaming audience is male and aged 18 to 34 casual gamers tend to be both women and men between the ages of 35 and 65, with a slight demographic skew towards women A wide variety of users now see the Internet as a primary entertainment medium, and casual games comprise a main staple of the entertainment value of the Internet. As the audience for online content grows, so does the amount of money spent in the space. A recent ICM report showed that the online entertainment market has even affected TV audiences. Not good news for the broadcasters, because while people are going online to be entertained it is eroding their TV viewing figures and therefore their advertising revenue. This is why major TV networks such as SKY TV and MTV Networks are interested in this market and are staking their claims. as figures show that in-game advertising is predicted to grow by 70% year-on-year reaching $1 billion USD in three years

Tonight when you close the blinds and go to bed, someone somewhere is cashing in on this market. The good news is that in the morning you can now do something about getting your share of it.

Quite simply. .. it's all about fun!
We all play games, across all age ranges and genders, and it transcends all cultures because it is part of the human spirit.. .we have a need to compete with others and with ourselves.
People play games not so much for the game itself as for the experience the game creates: an adrenaline rush, a victory, a mental challenge or a time to interact with friends. In short, we play games to create moment-to-moment experiences that are FUN; and it is generating billions in cash!
But the desire to play is only half the story. The big catalyst for growth is the explosion of affordable home broadband and ultra-fast PCs.
This means that today, online gaming isn't just for serious gamers... it's for everybody, everywhere!
Imagine if just a FRACTION of the millions of people playing games online RIGHT NOW were playing through your uVme site see, your site is not an isolated, standalone platform for your team alone. It's a doorway through which your players enter the GLOBAL uVme gaming network, to find thousands of other players across the world, linked up and ready to play!

Phenomenon 2: Social Networking
One very powerful aspect of Social Networking is the "blog". Short for "weblog", a blog is a web site where entries are written in date order with the most recent entry (or "post") at the top of the page, and the oldest towards the bottom. Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject of interest to the "blogger" (the person who has the blog); some function as simple online diaries. You can find blogs on almost any topic you can think of, from stamp collecting, to religion, to cooking, to politics - in fact, if you can think of it, there is bound to be a blog about it.

People can't help writing about their loves, their hates, even day-to-day things they do; rating the latest book they read or film they saw; even recommending their latest purchase, gift or treasure via their blog.. .so much so that blogging can be addictive: once you start, you just can't stop.

In fact, the overwhelming popularity of blogs and social networking sites was a trend spotted by O'Reilly Media back in 2003, when they coined the phrase "Web 2.0" to describe these "second-generation" new ways of using the web to collaborate and share with other users.
Tim O'Reilly defines it as: "the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet as platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform."


Entire blog communities have sprung up, focusing on certain topics and connecting people with a common interest so that they can share ideas, make friends and even do business with each other around the world. And blogging does not stop there. Many blogs also carry "RSS" feeds, which update people who subscribe to them so that they do not have to revisit the blog to see if it has been updated.
RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is used to publish newly updated posts and contains a summary of content from the web site or blog. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up to date with their favourite web sites in an automated manner that's easier than checking them manually.
According to Technorati, there are over 70 million blogs on the Internet, with about 120,000 new ones being set up each day. That's 1.4 new blogs every second! So whilst you have been reading this (for, say, 10 minutes), over 840 new blogs have been set up! Couple that with 1.5 million posts (people with blogs adding entries, or people commenting on entries) being added per day (1 7 per second), and you can see how massive this trend is. The interactive nature of blogs and Social Networking sites keeps visitors coming back again and again; and if you try to 'monetize' this market of people wanting to have fun playing online games as well as having their own web space/blog and being able to talk to each other live, the potential is staggering. Well, that is exactly what you will have!

Not only is Social Networking sites incredibly popular, but also they are making huge amounts of money for some people. Digital Media Wire (April 2007) reported that brands such as Adidas and Electronic Arts (games developers/publishers) attributed more than 70% of their marketing return to the word-of-mouth effect within Social Networks. Imagine being able to harness this powerful word-of-mouth medium, and even better, use it to fuel your new online games business!
You see, being able to play live and INSTANTLY is very powerful, but in most cases when online players send a challenge to another player, they send it via email. Now if this person is not online, or isn't checking their email, the chance of playing and the ability to make money are slowed down (taking away the elements of fun and instant gratification) or even lost altogether. We thought: this is not acceptable! We wanted to improve the efficiency of the challenge, to speed up game play. So we asked what if you could easily locate your buddies? What if you could see when they're online? What if you could proactively challenge them to a game even if they don't have their email client open?

Using a communication device new to our industry, you will be able to do all this and more. See your business grow before your very eyes; challenge not only individual team members and players to play a game, but also send group challenges to hundreds – even thousands - of members instantly via this tool.
Not only will it be a powerful communication tool, but also it will allow you to play games I and make money faster - and build your business for you. Even better, you will be able to use this tool from anywhere in the world, and it will be packed with all sorts of features to drive your new business faster. Why? Because people want to interact with other people who are having FUN! ...AND IN OUR WORLD, THEIR FUN MEANS YOUR PROFIT.
It makes it easy for people to network and share the business: Social Marketing/Network Marketing 2.0

Phenomenon 3: "Social Marketing/Network Marketing 2.0"
What you get out of uVme
With the instant messenger: You can instantly see when a guest visits your site, so that you can chat and play games with them if you wish; you can set up cash tournaments and invite hundreds of people to play that day. Guests will stay on your site and play longer because they can also use it to play with your other guests, players and Associates. It's easy for you and your guests/players to share with friends.
There is no software to download -which means anyone, anywhere, at any time can play on your site: even at work, in Internet cafes, at a friend's . . . so you still make money You constantly play against other members who can be added to your friends" list . . . making your Social Network grow!
As you can see, your uVme IM is a true 24/7 skill-game cash-generating machine. It is UNIQUE; we are the first in our industry
to use this technology in this way. You can create player-to-player games and even set up much larger tournaments. It's the heart of your virtual arcade, which pays you every time someone in your business plays a game, 24 hours, 7 days a week! Plus, as a uVme Associate, you also get the following business-building benefits of the uVme IM:
By developing relationships through playing games and talking to your guests/prospects, it makes it easier for them to become new uVme Associates with you Use the uVme IM to train and communicate business news instantly with your team Help your newly appointed uVme Associates to understand the business and share your own success story. You and your team can see up to seven levels of "up line" support, so even if you are offline your Associates can still get help. Because help is available from hundreds of online uVme Associates instantly, it makes building a business easier, faster and stronger. You can use the chat facility for building stronger relationships and training, either one-on-one or with a group because uVme is on its own network, you have no problems associated with emails, such as “spam" You can instantly see hundreds of your uVme Associates online within your group, and play games or tournaments. The IM gives you the ability to interact with your Associates from one central location. You can communicate live and build your business from around the world. The benefits of the uVme IM to you are endless, and they will only get more powerful.

Having your own online games business is an exciting and cool way to make your fortune, It has no social stigma attached to it, and is something you can be truly proud to be associated with. It is appealing and attractive, whilst at the same time being something that other people aspire to be part of. Here's how you can make it happen for you .... With over 5 years' experience, we have built businesses that have paid out millions to our members in 133 countries - and our proven and successful business model is the perfect vehicle for the online entertainment revolution. WE ARE ABOUT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN
Over the next few weeks, we will share knowledge with you and show you everything you need to know about building your very own online entertainment business with uVme; where playing games and having fun with your friends and family is turned into your business. a business that will appeal to all ages and genders and has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people every single day;. a business requiring no investment in stock ... a business where you don't have to persuade people to change their behaviours - just keep on doing what they love doing already!
You'll be offering player-to-player games with cash prizes, where YOU set the winnings. Delivering instant wins and gratification, these games will keep customers corning back for more, and will create a real feel good factor plus 'bragging rights’. So win or lose, they'll simply keep on playing! You can also host tournaments for larger numbers of players, with BIG cash prizes, progressive jackpots and winner-takes-all payouts. Creating even more fun for your players - and making even more money for you!
Even more ways for you to make money with uVme...
We have created a powerful, unique business with which you can earn money in seven different ways. As you build your team of players, you can also mate a team of Associates to boost your earnings even more.
You can sponsor a new Associate easily through your uVme site. They are automatically added to your genealogy, and you receive an email confirming that a new Associate has joined. You can also see new Associates through your instant messenger. They stand out from other Associates because their icon is a different colour, you can sponsor as many new Associates as you wish. Your new Associate also has the same opportunity as you do and can duplicate what you have done. Once we officially launch later this year, the cost for a virtual business kit will be f199 as a one- fee; and the license fee for uVme web sites are £65 per "pay cycle" (28-day period). HOWEVER, in this pre-launch period you can have your own web site and start building your business for FREE.

Your virtual business kit includes:
your, when launched.
integrated Instant Tournament Messenger
your back office, with its game reports, site stats, campaign manager, financial statements and "genealogy"
auto-emailer and "prospector to communicate with your entire team
web tools and printable tools, including banners, data-capture pages, plus lots, lots more

Your web site license covers both of your web sites being online 24/7 (with full technical and customer service support), with a full compliment of games for people to play.
There is no limit on the amount of games people can play on your site or the number of tournaments they can enter, and no download or bandwidth limits. You can attract as many game players as you wish to your site, and that plugs them in to the uVme global game network. Each time one of your players takes part in a tournament, you get paid. This pre-launch period is your chance to start building your team for free, and to develop an established business of players and associates which will give you a fantastic launch pad for when uVme goes live. In fact, you will have "First Mover Advantage" to start making money in nine different ways. However, we have worked hard to make our pay plan a BALANCED system, where everyone who joins will have an equal opportunity to make a fortune; from day one, you can earn a full-time income while at the same time having the potential to build a large team and Earn a massive income - there is no limit.

Each of our business Associates receives a self-replicating version of, complete with a "back office to control and manage their business, 24 hours a day. This area of the site is a fantastic resource for building your business. You can access all your game reports, site L stats and the campaign manager; access your financial statements and see your "genealogy". The back office is also the communication hub of your business: from here you can send group emails to business Associates or players, manage tournaments, and send group messages from your instant messenger to your whole business.

You also have access to your web tools and printable tools section. There are lots of tools to power your business, from banners to data-capture pages, plus lots, lots more. It is a full business resource.

Web conferencing
There's no need to go to the expense of using your own web conference facilities. Your back office also gives you access to our web-conference facility. This allows you to hold virtual meetings with your global team from the comfort of your own home.
uVme support team. The uVme support team consists of real people supporting our Associates to develop their businesses by offering a solution-driven level of personal service, complete with live telephone support seven days a week.
The support structure also extends to your players, giving you the freedom to enjoy this business without the hassles of having to be on hand for your players 24/7. There are millions of people playing online skill games around the world. Imagine just a fraction of these playing through your very own uVme website when we launch ...

How would that change your life? Would you buy your dream car? Own that house you've always wished for? Holiday in exotic places? . . . All these things are possible with this powerful business!

So, how can you get involved today?

All the barriers have now been removed. START RIGHT NOW!
How much money will you need to invest to start your uVme business during the pre-launch phase? NOTHING - NOT A SINGLE PENNY!

We wanted to give you the best possible advantage, which - even before our launch - would be something you have never been given before: a unique, golden opportunity to start building your uVme business and team for FREE.

If you haven't already done so, go to the web site address on the end of this document and pre-register for your FREE business-building website. Then simply send out your link to the site and get as many people to Pre-register as possible. The more you get, the bigger your rewards will be. Your uVme online skill-games business is waiting for you to activate it NOW ... ready to start working for you 24/7.

Be part of the reVolution ...

Check out the official uVme-MLM Forum for advice hints and tips for making a success of your uVme Business with up-to-date information about the business plan and the game play.

The Game Sites are on and